Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bacon Candy

I've wanted to write this Blog for quite a while, but always found reasons to put it off…mostly because as you’ll soon recognize, I am not a writer.  Today I realized that it’s not the writing that will bring you back each month but the recipes I’m asked to share each time I make one of my experiments for friends or family.

After the party to celebrate Meredith's birthday last night and the number of requests I got for recipes for both of the dishes I brought, I realized....IT'S TIME. Welcome to my Blog, appropriately named "My Most Requested Recipes." If I never created another recipe, I have enough in my repertoire to keep this monthly Blog active for years.

If I asked any of my friends or colleagues for a suggestion as to which recipe should be my first, I can guarantee that 99 out of 100 will name the “Bacon Candy.”  No matter where I bring these tasty treats, most of my evening is spent giving out the recipe and describing how it’s made.

The trick to these delicious bites is to begin with THICK BACON.  Although any thick bacon will work, I prefer to use the bacon packaged like this.

  • Thick Bacon
  • Light Brown Sugar
  • Yellow Corn Meal
I don't like to spend a lot of time cleaning up, so I line my baking pan with heavy aluminum foil and spray the baking rack with non stick cooking spray.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  In a mixing bowl, combine the brown sugar and corn meal (1 cup of brown sugar to 1 T corn meal).  For this entire package of bacon, I will use approximately 3 cups of brown sugar and 3 T of corn meal.

Before separating the bacon, cut the slices into thirds.  One third of a slice creates a nice, 2 bite piece.  Dip each piece of bacon into the brown sugar/corn meal mixture to coat heavily and place onto the baking rack. If you run out of the brown sugar mixture before finishing, just make a little more.

The bacon will shrink a bit, so don't worry about placing the bacon too close together.  Bake until the bacon is red/brown, approximately 15 - 20 minutes depending on how thick your bacon is.  I like it a little charred around the corners.  Remove to cooling rack.  The bacon will not crisp until it cools.  Serve at room temperature.

If you reuse the baking pan, there is no reason to wash the wire baking rack but be sure to replace the aluminum foil. 

Well, there you have very first Blog and my most requested recipe.  Please let me know what you think.  I welcome your thoughts on suggestions for how to make this better.

For a printer friendly copy of this recipe, go to Bacon Candy.  Enjoy!


  1. Congratulations on your first blog entry. I'm going to try bacon candy this weekend.

  2. That looks delicious! Do you steve it warm, cold or room temp?

  3. You're every bit as good a writer as you are a chef. I have enjoyed your bacon at many a gathering. Hope one day you can come cook on Date Night Dinners. Can't wait for the next recipe.

    Michael Attias

  4. Congrats on the blog! I will be watching to see what you cook up!
    I do something similar to this but instead of corn meal (which i'll try the next time!) ill add a spice or two. Unsually something associated withna savory over a sweet, like cayenne pepper, ground mustard or my current favorite Chinese Five Spice.

  5. The bacon was awesome, and I think it covered all the food groups!

  6. Can you use turkey bacon so its not traif for Passover?

  7. Love your blog!! Please keep it up. And I am going to try the candy bacon.

  8. My husband always wanted someone to invent "Bacon Candy". He just had no idea. Oh, I am in so-o-o-o much trouble now. I can see my food bill going up, up, up! Sigh!

  9. I would've kicked myself if I hadn't tried the hot pepper jelly at our "girlsgittogether" at your house this week. Even though I'm a Texas girl, I had never tasted such a hot sugary bite you can get from a Mason jar. It looks so sparkly and glamorous, but will remind you it's the star of the "spread" with every single bite. The other "wannabe's" were delicious, but this starlet knew who she was and wasn't afraid to lay it out there and say "love it or leave it." LOVED IT!

  10. Your recipes are so beautifully photographed!

  11. My family makes this we add sprinkled red pepper to the top of the bacon. Just a little heat. We also call it Lukey bacon because the recipe came from my brother-in-law Luke.

  12. How long can this remain on the counter? (ballpark estimate) i'm having a party and these would be perfect! I want to make sure they can withstand a few hours? If they dont get eaten by then...

  13. my grandmother use to make this and would put it on small toast with a spreadable soft cheader cheese and bake them till the cheeses melted i could eat a whole plate of them :)good for you on the blog!!

  14. woohoo! I know what I'm making this weekend! Looks so easy! Thank you!

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